There’s still time to hit the Creek

By Mir
December 12, 2012

Once again, let us collectively stop and wonder how on earth Coldwater Creek ever makes any money. It’s truly a puzzle.

Right now if you shop the Outlet, their already-reduced items will be reduced by another 50% when you put them into your cart. Add coupon code AFLF768 for another 40% off of that price. And right now, everything ships for free. It’s pretty much a no-brainer.

They must make their money at the stores, I’ve decided. That’s where they keep the weird stuff, and where the people who are unaware of online shopping (and coupon codes) go. There’s no other possible explanation.


  1. It says the 40% off isn’t valid in the Outlet. 🙁

  2. Ellie, it says it’s not valid in the Outlet stores, like the physical buildings. It works fine online on Outlet items—I tested it.

  3. Two sweaters for my mom for Christmas – less than $26 and free shipping!! Thanks, Mir!

  4. Thanks, Mir! I got two work blouses at a great deal.

  5. Thank you so much!! Just took care of a bunch on my list… also, if you have a Discover card, they are part of the Shop Discover program and you can get an additional 5% cash back.

  6. I’m getting a message that the coupon is not valid. 🙁

  7. That was CRAZY! Thanks, Mir!

  8. The site will not allow me to place the order. I get a page that says I have accessed an unavailable page??

  9. It’s working now, yay!! I ordered 2 beautiful lace tanks & a necklace for $15!!

  10. Now it works! Thanks, Mir! Great deal!

  11. Thanks, Mir – 3 shells for under $35 total!

  12. Holy cow! Two belts (one a beautiful beaded and velvet one) and a sweater for $30. Awesome, Mir–thanks!

  13. Help – what am I doing wrong? I am in the outlet section online and when I add items to my bag it doesn’t take 50% off. It does take 40% after I enter the code but not 50% and then 40%.

  14. Like Laurie, my order did not have the 50% taken off when it goes to the bag. It just does the 40%.

  15. I think the additional 50% off must’ve been discontinued tonight. (I think they often overlap promotions by mistake, then catch it.) Sorry, ladies!

  16. Even stranger for me, it gave the 50% off and when I took something out, the remaining items jumped up to the regular sale price…maybe it was a glitch?

  17. I had put things in my cart, then had the gall to go to dinner and a movie without kids. Now the 50% off is gone. Sadness. Clearly I shouldn’t have social plans in December.

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