Don’t forget the necessities

By Mir
December 13, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know we’ve all been busy with holiday shopping, and the “so cute” and “someone will love this” and all of that, but in the midst of all it, never forget the stuff you always need. Like toilet paper.

(Yeah, I know. It’s not as much fun. But… you always need it! Especially if you have guests coming to stay with you!)

Right now at Amazon, they have this 48-count pack of Angel Soft Double Rolls available for $22.63, plus there’s a $1 coupon you can clip on the page, plus you can save another 5% and get free shipping if you purchase via Subscribe & Save. That means you could get 48 rolls of TP delivered for just $20.50. Perfect.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Shopping For More Fun Things.

[Update: Looks like the Angel Soft is not doing it for some of you who prefer things plush. Heh. Here’s an almost-as-good deal—same low starting price, plus $1 coupon and available Subscribe & Save—on 48 double rolls of Ultra Plush Quilted Northern, instead.]


  1. I don’t know… I’m a Quilted Northern loyalist. It’s a fantastic price, but what if we hate it?

  2. thanks! we are almost out of tp and don’t have a costco run in our near future. we might have been sears roebuck’n it if i didn’t see this post.

  3. I am aware this has nothing to do with toilet paper but can I just say I’m still not over missing that amazon lightening deal for batteries!!! I get aggravated every time I look at them in a store and see the price difference! Why wasn’t I up at 5:30 that morning??? Ugh

  4. Gone! One hour later. I was looking for something to get me to $25 for free shipping and by the time I found it the TP was gone! Darn it.

  5. I bought this last time and was excited about the price – not so much the tp.

    Anna – as a fellow quilted northern girl – you will hate it!!! We are making it thru, but I totally considered donating it (and I’m not typically a “snob” about stuff – generic is often my friend)

  6. Okay, I clearly do not understand the devotion to a particular brand of TP. We use the Angel Soft and I’ve not had any, um, issues.

    But for those of you who are devoted to Quilted Northern… I just updated the post with a deal on that for only about a dollar more than the Angel Soft one. 🙂

  7. TP for life! I ordered the Angel Soft and then I received an email from DH asking me if the Quilted Northern he just bought was a good deal. ROFL. I told him yes it was, and it will go nicely with the 48 rolls of Angel Soft I just bought. Better than having none, right?

  8. Hilarious! Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the email. Crisis averted LOL. I went back in today and it was available w/ the coupon. TP restocked.

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