Just hypothetically…

By Mir
December 13, 2012

… how much therapy would my children require if I went into the I Heart Guts boutique over at Fab.com today and bought them plush testicles and ovaries (or bladders, mammaries, instestines, etc.)?

I’m, uh, asking for a friend.


  1. The inappropriate gift possibilities are endless!
    I might have to get my husband a bottle of Scotch & attach a new plush liver…

  2. My son loves these. Several years ago (before he could read) he found a round, green one at a museum gift shop that he just HAD to have. We told him it was a booger. It was actually chlamydia. Perfect to bring to the ol’ preschool show and tell!

  3. Barbara, great idea! 😉

    Heather, you’re thinking of the Giant Microbes (which I also love). I am disappointed this array at Fab doesn’t include a plush uterus. I’ve been threatening my teen with one of those forever.

  4. I LOVE these–I bought my diabetic sister a pancreas last year, and she ADORED it. Great gift for folks with good sense of humor!

  5. Heather, you are killing me!

  6. This is a good placeholder gift! My dad’s real gift won’t be in until after Christmas, but what better than the gallbladder he had removed a few years ago? It’ll be like it never left!

    And my husband’s appendix from earlier this year? It never scared me half to death! It’s been here the whole time! ;~)

    I did find your uterus, but only on their website: http://iheartguts.com/uterus. You shouldn’t leave it lying around on the internet like that, Mir.

  7. My son was born with kidney failure and we’ve gotten him a plush kidney. 🙂

  8. My 9yo son has kidney and bladder issues. We are always trying to teach him about his condition so he can talk to the doctors and understand. So yeah, I’m seriously considering getting him this.

    The questions are: what will my husband say, and will my 5yo be jealous her brother got a stuffed kidney and she didn’t?

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