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By Mir
December 17, 2012
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I get sent a lot of sample products in the mail, and most of them I never tell you about because… meh. Last week I received a bottle of Cashmere Curls Leave-In Conditioner, and I tried it because I will try pretty much anything that promises to tame my frizzy hair.

[Fellow curly girls: Determine your curl type here. That site is filled with great information, by the way. For reference on the following, my hair is type 3B.]

I normally use a “cocktail” on my hair—I mix together a curl creme and some Moroccan Oil and often another leave-in product—in my endless quest to find a mixture that fights back frizz but doesn’t leave my hair crunchy. I tried the Cashmere Curls this weekend and didn’t bother mixing it with anything because I wanted to see how it worked on its own. The results were surprisingly good! I had good curl definition and zero frizz, and my hair was super soft. (And this stuff smells… I don’t know what it is… something citrusy, maybe? It smells amazing, though not overpowering.)

Now, it’s December. Would this hold up for me during a Georgia summer, in the heat and humidity? I suspect not; I’d need a styling product as well. But I’m going to add the Cashmere Curls to my arsenal… just as soon as I find it on sale, of course.


  1. Are you fully Curly Girl (no ‘cones and no sulfates) too?

    I’ve been for over a year and its made a big difference in my Wavy/Curly hair. As weird as this sounds, but I’ve got better frizz-free hair when I straighten it now than ever before (I prefer to dry it in the winter than air dry — Cleveland is COLD in winter and my hair would literally freeze.)

    Loving the less frizz in my life.

  2. Forwarding this to my sister, who was just asking for hair advice for her daughter on facebook!

  3. Patricia, I’m trying to go ‘cone and sulfate free, but I’m not entirely there, yet. I’ve also done the no-poo thing and it just didn’t work for me. I’m dandruff-prone in winter and my scalp gets oily in the summer (wow, I am a vision, truly!) and I need a little shampoo in my life. 😉

  4. I’m a 2B (Wavy Curly) and the Curly Girl method has done nothing for my hair 🙁

    Still looking for the magic combination of cut, products, and technique! It’s too curly at the roots in the back to straighten anymore, so I’m trying to embrace the curl. It’s an uphill battle most days.

  5. Someone turned me on to a product called Curls Rock by Catwalk. I use the Curl Amplifier and if you overuse, it does make your hair crunchy but I use sparingly just enough to define my curls without frizz. Can find it at Target for about $14. (It is hard to have curly/frizzy hair with a mind of its own.)

  6. The Curls Rock is the creme I tend to use daily, Michele, but they changed the formulation recently. I, of course, went out and bought a bunch of the old formulation when the transition was happening. The new stuff isn’t (IMHO) as good. Sigh.

  7. Look at soap nuts shampoo. And/or a natural shampoo bar. No sulfates or cones, they will lather, and clean without irritating or stripping.

  8. I like the DevaCurl Low-Poo and No-Poo shampoos, rather than going completely shampoo free.
    Mir, is the Cashmere Curls product you tried called a Leave-In Moisturizer?

    Something you curly girls will appreciate: I was frazzled this morning, had changes in my usual routine, and realized after I left the house that I had forgotten to put any product in my hair. Imagine my dismay at realizing that today is the office party.

  9. No worries Genevieve – they love you & not your hair.

  10. Oh noooooo, Genevieve! Michele is right, though. Worst comes to worst, pretend you thought it was a crazy hair party! (Also, I linked the product in the post; yes, it’s a leave-in conditioner, but more the texture of a serum.)

  11. Oooh, ditto on the Curls Rock formulation change. The new one does not work nearly as well and at least in our area is more expensive, just to add insult to injury. Boo hiss.

  12. Let me know when you find it on sale! It always scares me to order something so expensive without knowing how it works on my hair. I have spent a fortune on products that I used a handful of times and left to sit in my cabinet. *sigh*

  13. We use Kinky Curly products in our house. No nasty ingredients and they work great. They are expensive, but we cut corners elsewhere to avoid putting nasty chemicals on or in our bodies.

  14. Can’t wait to learn my curl type…is there a category for curl that appeared after age 40? We shall see!

  15. I have hair type 3B, extremely curly and spirally when done, a big mass of undefined frizz if I apply nothing. After hundreds of products, the one that works all times of year, doesn’t get crunchy or leave that film, is Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. By itself. Nothing else needed. The perfect product. Worth the money.

  16. In the last year or so, my two favorite curly hair products (I’m a 2B) have been discontinued. I tried Moroccan oil, but it didn’t do much for me on its own… and then I stumbled upon the Organix Moroccan Oil line. They have a styling product called “Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream”, and it is AWESOME. It defines without leaving your hair crunchy, you don’t have to use TONS (so the bottle lasts a good long while), and it’s reasonably priced (about $7 a bottle). It’s better than anything else I’ve used – and for that price, not a huge commitment to try out!

  17. For my hair 3A, Cantu Shea butter leave in cream gives good moisturizing and some definition.
    For my 3B girl, the Cantu Shea butter and then each time it’s styled Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Lite.
    For my 4A girl, no shampoo, clarifying vinegar, detangle with kinky curly knot today (target), condition with TONS of cantu shea butter, then each time it’s styled more kinky curly knot today, plus olive oil sprayed on damp hair and sometimes more, depending on what style we’re doing.
    I love the Mixed Chicks line, Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk (both lite and regular) and the Kinky Curly line.

  18. Thanks Mir: not sure why I never thought that there would be a website called ‘naturally curly.com’. Oh, Why didn’t I think of that???
    And boo to Curls Rock, that was one of my favorites. I’d love to try the Cashmere, i love the smell of Cashmere, might have to slink around and find a lower price (drugstore.com?)
    My hair was curly from birth until mid-age and has gone to wavy, although the back is still curly and thick. I have to experiment with stuff, but never dry it just run out wet hair and all. And Mir, have the same issue w/NC humidity/heat.

  19. Great tips! I’m curly too. I also use pro naturals argan oil to define and moisturize the curls and it works really well.

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