Those with nut allergies, look away

By Mir
January 7, 2013

Time to stock up on peanut butter! (But only if, you know, you like it. And aren’t allergic. Please, no anaphylaxis on my watch, mmkay?)

Remember that whole thing where the peanut crop this year was dreadful and prices went up and we all stocked up around this time last year because we knew it was going to happen? I don’t know about you, but I bought… ummm… maybe a couple of flats of peanut butter from Amazon before that, and have since run out and then every week at the grocery store I gasp and fan myself and reason that we can just wait for a sale.

Well, it’s time to stock up on Skippy if you like it—right now you can get the Skippy Natural Creamy 40-ounce for $6.23 shipped or or Skippy Natural Super Chunk 40-ounce for $5.87 shipped, when you buy via Subscribe & Save. That’s as low as $.15/ounce, and I’ll confess I tried the Skippy Natural on a whim one time when it was on sale, and it’s now my favorite brand. (I grew up as a Jif girl, but now I try to buy foods without a lot of extra and definitely without HFCS; the Skippy Natural tastes like “regular” peanut butter, and it doesn’t separate, but no HFCS and no unpronounceable ingredients.)

And now I want a banana slathered in peanut butter for breakfast. I am so predictable.


  1. Mmm, my favorite too, and so hard to find big-sized at the actual box stores!

  2. Don’t tell my mom but I, too, decamped to Skippy Natural from Jif. It is delish, especially on green apples! I just stocked up at BJs though 🙁

  3. My son prefers Skippy Natural as well. He says that it isn’t as sticky as other pb.

  4. That’s a very good price! We, too are former Jif eaters who are now Skippy Natural fans. And we go through a TON since it’s my marathoning husband’s favorite post-run snack. Thanks for the heads up!

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