Scrub it, scrub it good

By Mir
January 29, 2013

Do not make me share some of the poetry I’ve written over the years to Mr. Clean. It’s embarrassing. (Although my haikus about removing grubby fingerprints from the walls are quite lyrical, if I do say so myself.)

Nevertheless! If you love Magic Erasers like I love Magic Erasers, get on over to Amazon—they have this 8-count box of Magic Erasers marked at $6.47, plus there’s a clippable $.50 coupon in the middle of the page, plus if you buy via Subscribe & Save you get free shipping and another 5% off. Not bad.

I use these puppies for everything. I believe they’re made of magic (just like the name says). But why pay a buck (or more) per pad when you can get a deal like this?


  1. Well, sadly, by 12:25 these were “gone”. The price is about the same but no subscribe & save and no coupon AND not available through amazon. 🙁 I was so excited too Mir!

  2. You can still buy 16 for $12.99 w/free shipping. It’s not quite as great a deal, but probably not a bad one.

  3. Mir,

    I was just thinking – I hope you NEVER retire. 😉 I so appreciate your site – I have followed you for years and have so benefited from all your findings of great deals for all of us. You must send me your addy so I can slip a little thank you in the mail!

    ANYHOO – I was bummed about missing these (never read comments first ;-)) — and lo and behold they’re back on sale — good deal w/coupon – I am not going to do the subscribe and save – I’ll forget and the sponges will keep coming! (They don’t stay at that price through s&s – do they?) — Also found these:
    Finish Deterg Powerballs – 13.87 – f/85 – instead of 34.19 These are all I use anymore. I wish something more natural worked as well.

    Thank you – THANK you, pretty lady!

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