Stock up on Doodles

By Mir
February 5, 2013

I know I’ve highlighted these before, but they make great gifts and keep-the-kids-busy-during-travel and other such times occupiers. I love the Doodle books especially because they appeal to kids who are “too old” for coloring books, too.

All of the following are currently just $4 at Amazon:
Superhero Doodles for Kids
Monster Doodles for Kids
Pocketoodles for Young Artists
Pocketoodles for Boys
Pocketoodles for Girls
Best Friends Forever My Doodle Scrapbook

Plus these are also just $4 currently:
Fridge Art: Funny Faces
Fridge Art: Activity Fun


  1. easy to store, easy to wrap, less than $5, and good for a fairly wide variety of ages…these have gift closet written all over them. i kiss your feet, mir.

  2. These are all the rage at my house right now! Grabbing some as surprises for summer vacation…

  3. Drat! They are all gone….

  4. I ordered a bunch of these to stock the gift closet and a few just came in. They have remainder marks all over them, and many of the covers have sticky residue from bookshop sale stickers where the adhesive won’t come off. Some have bent and wavy edges, those are unfixable.

    I’m disappointed because they weren’t labeled as being remainders, as and gifts, I think it looks yucky. I may contact Amazon and complain and see if I can get a refund, at least for the ones with the damaged wavy pages.

  5. Yuck, Rebekah! I’m so sorry that happened. Definitely contact them—their customer service is generally excellent and my guess is that they’ll refund you and let you keep them.

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