A best-selling tome for under $2

By Mir
April 9, 2013
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Been looking for your next read? Why not grab the best-selling Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson for your Kindle right now for just $1.99? It’s over a thousand pages of geeky, detailed, storytelling delight.

Of course one of the reviews says something about “… if you read this book in one sitting,” and now all I can think about is how amazing it would be to be able to read 1,100 pages in a single sitting. I mean, I could totally do that if I didn’t have to work or deal with my family, I suppose….


  1. To have enough leisure time to read Cryptonomicon in one sitting is my idea of heaven. Add in a hammock and someone to bring me fruity drinks.

    When we were in Puerto Rico, the hammock was suspended between two coconut palms. Not a very relaxing view.

    • I’m sorry, Dave, did you just complain about a hammock in Puerto Rico? AHEM.

  2. I don’t buy books because I am a voracious reader but 1.99 is tempting. It’s so voracious that when a co-worker accompanied me to the library to pick up my holds, she looked at the stack and said, “You have a problem”. And we’re clinical social workers, so she said it in THAT voice.

    Can I just say I’m loving my library’s subscription to Amazon that lets me check out 5 e-books at a time!

    • Ohhh, I wish our library did that, Ali! You sound like my oldest—she does her holds online and then we go to the library and she gets 20 books at a time.

      I pick up Kindle books when they’re free or just a few bucks, and then I always have something to read (keep the Kindle in my purse!) even when the actual book I’m reading is at home and I’m not.

      • Our library system is one of the consolation prizes when my husband told me we were moving to Boston!

  3. My town belongs to a consortium of a bunch of local libraries in my area (suburbs of Chicago). I can download up to 15 ebooks (through Amazon.com) or audiobooks (through Overdrive) at a time! Not sure if you are still living in the same area, Mir, but a friend of mine lives in that same area and is able to download Kindle books through your local library system. Check it out! 🙂

  4. I love this book. It is one of my absolute, positive, top 5 of all time, favorite books. It has some very hard scenes, but on the whole, it is a masterfully interwoven story. Love. Love. Love.

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