How about a nice spot of tea?

By Mir
May 1, 2013

Tea makes everything better, right? (Insert hearty laughter here. I didn’t say it makes it all better, just… better. A little better. Just let me have my tea, okay??)

Ahem. Someone apparently hasn’t had her tea yet today.

Anyway! Today at Teavana you’ll get free shipping on any order, plus a free sample of their youthberry and wild orange tea, automatically. When buying loose teas, there’s automatic discounts of up to 20% off depending on how much you buy. And finally, if you spend $50+, you can also use coupon code SPRING to take $10 off your total. So combine all of that, and you’re looking at a great excuse to get a little tea decadence for yourself along with a gift or two.

They have tea (obviously), as well as goodies like rock sugar, mugs, pots, and more. Something for everyone! As long as you dig tea and associated items, I guess.


  1. I love a nice mug of tea… and during the summer heat, you can mix loose teas to make fun iced teas… a berry jasmine is divine!

  2. One thing that is a little stinky about the $10 off $50 if you’re just buying tea online, is that you either have to forfeit the bulk tea discount of up to 20% off (and you have to call them to override it) or you can’t use the $10 off $50. If someone finds a way around this, let me know. I love the blueberry bliss and can’t get enough of it, but at $6.80 for 2 oz, they should let you use all the discounts you can, know what I mean? 😉

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