It must be done

By Mir
December 11, 2013

I’m sorry, but I have to:

Right now this Fisher-Price “corn popper” toy is just $6 at Amazon (make sure you’re looking at the Frustration Free Packaging, if it’s not defaulting to that), and as far as I know it’s not even possible for a toddler to learn how to walk without one of these. I had one, you had one, my parents probably had one, my kids had one… you get the idea. They say “as American as apple pie” but really they should say “as American as that weird rolly plastic corn popper thing” because come on.

That’s all.


  1. One of the silliest moments of my life was the day I had to pick Nate up early from nursery school for some reason. As I was walking to his classroom, I had to pass through the gym, which was filled with about 20 toddlers, each with a popcorn popper, ramming around, bumping into each other, and falling down. It was magnificent. The children had become the popcorn.

    • Best. Story. Ever.

  2. just went to Amazon and popper is $11.79. Awwwww shucks!

    • Still $6, Stacey! Click on “Frustration Free Packaging” if that’s not your default.

      • Wow Mir,
        I’ve been shopping Amazon (prime) for years …and years! Never saw Frustration Free Pkg. And now I see that it makes a difference in availability?! Of course now I seem to be too late for the popper!

  3. I don’t even know if my son is too old for this, but he looooved playing with it at a children’s museum recently and for $6 how can we lose? Thank you!

  4. I don’t even have anyone to give this to, but I’m buying it. My mother bought me the hallmark ornament of this toy last year.

  5. Tha and the chatter phone. Oh! And the stacking plastic donuts.

  6. Rats, not available anymore under frustration free packaging 🙁

  7. I’m so old I think mine was wooden with lead paint on it…lol

    • Oh, and bought one for “Toys for Tots”.

  8. Try back, it is available on my end,,,,

  9. We got 2 of these for 1st birthday! Which reminds me, I need to take the second to a Toys for Tots drop off.

  10. Just tried again and……it’s back at $6.00!

  11. Sweet! my niece is still in utero, but I’m vying for “best Auntie” status 🙂

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