Lalawhat, now?

By Mir
December 12, 2013

I… do not quite understand the Lalaloopsy doll craze. And when they became such a huuuuuge thing last holiday season, I thought maybe by this year it would be over. But it’s not! I mean, apparently. Thankfully we are past this stage.

It looks like these dolls tend to retail at around $30, and then the price goes up from there if the particular doll is rare/collectable/coated in platinum. I don’t know. So for all I know, the following dolls aren’t as “good,” but at least they’re relatively cheap. From Amazon:

Charlotte Charades for $8.98
Peanut Big Top for $12.99
Starlight Dot for $13.24
Mango Tiki Wiki for $14.43
Haley Galaxy for $19.19
Mittens Fluff’n Stuff for $21.99

I still think they’re too expensive, but I guess it’s all about perspective. (Hey kids, make sure to ask Mommy and Daddy for a genuine American Girl before asking for a Lalaloopsy!)


  1. I have boys. And nephews. But I do like saying “Lalaloopsy.”

    • +1

  2. Two words — Gift Closet. These are huge hits for little girl parties for the preschool set, and substantial looking to boot. Though I wouldn’t wish that hard-as-diamonds plastic packaging on my worst enemy.

  3. I’ve never heard of them, so I wanted to check it out. I have boys, but friends have girls, and I thought it might be nice. Charlotte is $28, not $8.95. Is there a secret code?

  4. Charlotte comes up as $8.98 for me with 10 left in stock.

  5. I have girls who are 2, 4, and 10, and EVERY SINGLE ONE asked for a big LLL doll this year. (one of them wants Mittens, actually.) I think the little ones are cuter — the ones that are a little larger than Polly Pockets. they have tiny adorable accessories.

    still not sure how I feel about the cartoon.

  6. I just think of the evil doll from “Coraline” when I see those.

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