If you love Larabars…

By Mir
January 6, 2014

… there’s a deal on those today at Amazon. (Did someone ask for these when I did that protein bar deals roundup? I think someone did. Personally, I love Larabars, but they only have 3g of protein per bar. I see them more as sort of a healthy candy bar than as a protein bar.

Anyway! If you like this flavor, right now the chocolate chip cherry torte Larabars are currently listed at Amazon for $17.10 for a 16-pack; not the most expensive I’ve seen, but hardly a deal. But there’s a $4 clippable coupon, then if you’re up to a 20% discount on your Subscribe & Save, you save another 20% (and remember, they take that discount off the original price, before coupons), and just like that—16 Larabars delivered for $9.68. Now that is cheap.

(Though, really, can you put a price on a satisfying yet healthful alternative to a candy bar? Probably not. But I’m sure it’s more than $10.)


  1. Thanks for your hard and tireless work, pretty Mir!! (and that was me begging for a Larabar deal 🙂 They are really the best of the bars. I like that most of them have like 3 ingredients total. Never anything refined, artificial and unnecessary.

  2. Got my favorite (pecan pie) for $.75 a bar. I can never find a deal like that! Thank you!!

  3. I totally read that title too fast and thought it said “If you love Labradors” and then couldn’t figure out why Amazon was having a deal on them…

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