False advertising, but good prices

By Mir
January 28, 2014

Once again, I find myself disappointed. Children’s Place claims to be having their Semi-Annual Baby Sale, yet there are no babies available. Hmph.

Should you require clothing for your babies (or toddlers or children up to size 14), however, today would be a good day to shop there. Markdowns galore, plus free shipping on every order, plus you can use coupon code J6HT25HP for 25% off any order or code P6HT30HP for 30% off your order of $60+ EXTRAFORTY for an extra 40% off any order!

They’ve got winter coats—even their 3-in-1s—available for under $15. Yeah, I’m feeling bitter that my teens wear adult sizes.


  1. Woot! Another day, another awesome win from Mir! Ordered a bunch of cute stuff for our new little guy (four weeks old this Friday!)–and each piece was less than $5! Plus, a cute outfit for a friend’s new baby (due in March) for less than $10! Thanks, as always, pretty Mir!

  2. Should add, though, that Want Not + maternity leave is proving to be very dangerous! This is the third order I’ve placed in the last week! Because: home all day with a snoozing baby! Cannot leave the house because: brand new immune system during flu season!

  3. Ok, I hope I got the best deal, but I’m not sure. I had $260 worth of stuff (for four kids! don’t judge*) in my cart. I applied the 40% off coupon, which took off $110, down to $150.
    But I can’t ever remember if I have an account with them or not. So I searched my e-mail for account/password information. And I found an e-mail from two days ago that said 70% off everything (when you add the 30% code). At the bottom of that e-mail, there’s a code for 30% off $60+ or 25% off everything, and it’s good through today.
    Now- I understand that 40% off is better than 30% off. But I’m trying to figure out how they got up to 70% off, especially because the coupons didn’t stack.
    Any thoughts?

    *I got 26 items, new clothes for the little boy with no hand-me-downs, shorts for under my girls’ skirts (3 for each, total of nine), a couple pair of pants, a couple skirts, two long sleeved shirts and two sweaters.

    • I think you did fine! Bear in mind that their “up to 70% off” claim is based on site price reductions and then a coupon on top of that. If it really came to 70% off with their 30% off coupon, then using the 40% off coupons on top of reductions was probably closer to 75% off the original prices. Make sense?

  4. Sure! At least, that’s what I’ll tell my husband. 😉

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