I’m coffee-conflicted

By Mir
April 15, 2014

On the one hand, I own a <$100 coffeemaker and it suits my needs just fine. It... makes coffee. It keeps the coffee warm. If I'm organized, I can even set it up the night before and the coffee will magically brew for me in the morning. That's really all I need. And the idea of spending hundreds or even thousands on a coffee making machine seems crazy to me. On the other hand, my parents have an espresso machine that's super-fancy and makes really, really good coffee. I have no idea what it cost (I am afraid to ask), but I do enjoy visiting them a whole lot. (Not just for the cappuccinos. But it doesn’t hurt.)

And then on the third hand (you mutant, you, with your third hand), today’s Home.Woot offering is a reconditioned Saeco Intellia Automatic Espresso Machine for $400, which I dismissed as insane until I saw that this machine retails for around $1200 new, at which point $400 seemed like a real bargain.

Long story not much shorter: I’m afraid I can’t justify buying one of these, but if you’re in the market, apparently it’s a really good deal. Please invite me over for cappuccino after you get it. (I’ll bring cookies!)

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  1. “Mutant”, hee! I’m not a mutant, but I AM an alien (being a Canadian who’s lived in the US since I was a bitty baby). 😀

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