Get your kicks at Tilly’s

By Mir
October 15, 2014

I never knew Tilly’s existed until I had teenagers, and now I know it as the store that bills itself as “Surf & Skate” but is really “all things cool for teens.” Hey, I can live with that. They have great sales and sometimes their women’s options are actual clothes instead of just half-pieces of clothes. Ahem.

Anyway! Right now they’re offering an extra 50% off shoes already on sale, and it’s hard to go wrong with shoes. Did I just buy my kiddo a sweet pair of discontinued Vans for under $20? I sure did. The additional discount appears in your cart, and shipping is free. There’s plenty of cool brands from which to choose (hint: this would be a great way to score some cheap Converse).

Some of the sale clothing is an additional 50% off, too, but I can’t figure out how they decided which items get the discount and which don’t. You’ll just have to pick through if you’re interested (items will reflect the extra savings in their listing).


  1. My daughter and I call the current trend of half clothes “decorative” clothes, or “shirt accessories” since they actually have to be worn over a complete outfit to be school appropriate. They are ridiculous.

    • So true!

    • I wonder if that’s a browser setting of yours designed to alert you to pass-through links? My links convert to affiliate links (and are marked as such, when they do), so that garbled-looking link is correct, I just make it prettier. 😉

  2. Huh. Could be, because it doesn’t happen on Safari. But I haven’t changed any settings on FF, and this didn’t used to happen. It doesn’t happen on other sites that have affiliates, either. Oh well, just wanted to alert you just in case!

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