The best almond butter, at the best price

By Mir
November 2, 2014

I have a little love affair going on with Barney Butter, and not just because the name makes me giggle for some reason. Listen, I want to like the all-natural, no-sugar-added, blessed-by-holistic-fairies versions of nut butters, I do, but… I don’t. I like the ones that don’t require stirring with an industrial drill bit to get rid of the oil slick, and a lovely smooth texture, and yes, I like a little added sugar. Sue me. (Barney Butter does all-natural without making it taste like wood pulp, is my point.)

Anyway! Right now Amazon has this 3-pack of 10-ounce Barney Butter smooth Almond Butter available for just $13.48, which is already its lowest price ever. Buy via Subscribe & Save, get your 5+ items going for the month, and you can save up to an additional 20% if you have Mom Prime. It’s just $10.78 shipped, then, which is, what, about $3.50/jar, which is a crazy fantastic price.

Also, I recently discovered this recipe which is a nice bread-like option if you’re Paleo or (like me) gluten-free. Yum.


  1. so sad to miss 🙁

  2. price has gone up 🙁

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