I just really love my Ninja

By Mir
November 5, 2014

I know I talk about my love for my Ninja Cooker a lot. (Like, a lot a lot.) But it’s only because it makes my life as a busy human who still enjoys really good home-cooked food a lot easier.

When these babies debuted at $200, I said, “Wow, this is fantastic, but I don’t know that I could justify spending this kind of money if I hadn’t received this one as a gift.” Over time, the prices have dropped, but still, I could totally understand how it would be hard to justify. Well, today Amazon has the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System MC701 available for just $99.99—its lowest price ever. A decent crock pot with programmable settings and a time will run you about $75, so this brings it right down into doable territory, I think.

And lest you think I’m just pretending to love this thing (I’m not!): Last night we had this pork tenderloin for dinner. (My modifications: I put the pork down on a bed of sliced onions, then add chunks of sweet potatoes to the crock, as well). When it was time to eat, I took the meat and veggies out of the cooker, turned it up to the high skillet setting, and in five minutes had a delicious balsamic reduction to put over the meat. With a conventional crock pot I either would’ve had to dirty another pot on the stove or turn it up to high about 30 minutes before we wanted to eat.

Hi, my name is Mir, and I love my Ninja.


  1. I’ve been waiting for a sale! Score!

  2. I second the love of the ninja. Last night, I tossed in a pound of uncooked macaroni, a pound of preshredded cheese. 3 cups water. 1 cup milk. A squirt of mustard. Stirred. Set the thing to 20 min at 250….and out came magic homemade macaroni and cheese. Comfort food for a day that needed it.

    I use my Ninja so much that I sometimes forget that I can use the stove.

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