The best Ts, at a discount

By Mir
November 12, 2014

In spite of the fact that I’ve finally made my peace with just not enjoying the Threadless women’s t-shirts fit—they are just not shaped the way I am, or perhaps vice versa—Threadless remains the best place to buy shirts my teenage son deems acceptable.

Sure, a couple of times a year they’ll have a $5 shirt blowout, but often by the time they get to that, most sizes are sold out. Sometimes I get lucky, but mostly I hang on for a $10 or $12 sale before the holidays. Well, today’s the day—choose from a variety of reduced-price Ts today (Wednesday, November 12th) only, plus get free shipping if you spend $75+ (use code FREESHIP75). I’ll splurge a little for gifts, and I know whatever I buy, he’ll love.

No shirts for me, but hey, a happy teen is worth a lot more to me than a t-shirt for myself.


  1. Buy yourself mens. I do.

    • But… I am not shaped like a man! I am shaped like a woman, but not the woman they are making their women’s shirts for, evidently. (It’s hard being me.)

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