It’s Ironman time

By Mir
November 17, 2014

If you’ve been wanting a Timex Ironman watch (they have lap counters, water resistance, and generally say to the world “I like to know what time it is and I am a sporty type!”), today on Amazon they seem to be at an all-time-low price. I mean, the base model isn’t all that expensive—$30, normally—but today they’re about half that for the men, and some of the more expensive women’s models are only around $14, too:

Men’s 30-lap Gray/Black
Men’s 30-lap Gray/Blue
Men’s 30-lap Oversize Black/Orange
Women’s Ironman Traditional Gray/Pink
Women’s Ironman Traditional Turquoise
Women’s Ironman Sport Blue (this one is only $12.37!)
Women’s Ironman Sleek 50-lap Plum/Gray
Women’s Ironman Tradutional Black/Purple

I feel like wearing one of these would be almost as good as actually exercising. Right? Right??


  1. This is great! Cheaper to get a new one than to have the battery replaced in my 15-year old model – plus these are way cuter! Thanks!

  2. I think I missed it! All the women’s watches are back at the $30ish price.

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