Happy Cyber Monday!

By Mir
December 1, 2014
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’ll confess, I was a little worried that the deals might pale in comparison to Friday, today, but it seems my fears were unfounded.

Of course there will be great bargains all day long (and a giveaway, because why not?) but here’s a few places to get started (and watch all day):

The Lightning Deals at Amazon are still flying fast and furious, and while I’m seeing a few repeats, I’ll also seeing some new stuff. Definitely worth watching.

Once again, 6pm.com is doing 24 hours of $24 deals, plus today only you can use coupon code 6PMCYBMON113020142053 for an additional 20% off! (I had a couple of items in my cart from Friday I’d been waffling on. That code pushed me off the fence.)

Another Woot-Off? Awwww, yeah! Rotating deals all day today at Woot, Home.Woot, Tools.Woot, and even Wine.Woot and Sellout.Woot are getting in on the fun.

Need a little more coffee to get moving? Snag a great deal over at Starbucks, today—they’ll take $25 off your $70+ order, automatically, and give you free shipping, too.

Stay tuned; we’re going to have fun today.


  1. Thank you! I needed to buy the littlest real basketball shoes this year and appreciate the 20% off!

  2. OK, another request if you see a good deal. We are looking for a set of adjustable dumbbells for Doug. I’ve seen them at a few places and they are expensive. We’d like the ones that go from 5 to 50ish pounds by turning the dial thingy. I think these will be safest with a little one around and they take up so much less space than having 10 sets of barbells. We’ve looked at used sporting goods stores but they don’t seem to be things people get rid of.
    Thanks and your hair looks awesome today. 🙂

  3. Did you watch “World of Wootcrap: The Nogrinomicon”

    • BUT OF COURSE! 😀

  4. I’m Hoping to snag a deal on an embroidery machine! I keep seeing sewing machines on Amazon so it’s likely!

  5. Oh beautiful Mir, do you know if the Starbucks deal works on gift cards?

    • Alas, this one only works on merchandise. Sorry!

      • I kind of figured. Thanks!

  6. You’re pretty!

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