Make Cyber Monday Quirky

By Mir
December 1, 2014
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This one requires some patience, because the site is running sloooooooow right now, but over at Quirky they’ve marked down a bunch of their items to just $1 for today only. (Other items are marked down as well, but I can scarcely resist the lure of a $1 stocking stuffer.)

There’s also coupon code CYBER50, which theoretically should take off half your total and give you free shipping, but—I’m still stuck in a very slow checkout process—I don’t know if it will work on the dollar items. I think all orders are automatically shipping for free even without the coupon.

Definitely bring your patience over there for this one. Could be worth it to snag some cheap goodies like cord and headphone organizers, though.


  1. Holy slowness! I’m up to the challenge. 🙂

  2. Oh wow, this may take a while. Every time I think it’s finally going to let me add something to my cart, it tells me they’re pushing upgrades and to try again in a few minutes.

  3. Yeah, keeps telling me oops something went wrong, on every item I try to buy. You’ve crashed ’em, Mir!

  4. i picked four $1 items, and the code doesn’t work – but wow, that’s a lot of goodies for $4. my husband’s stocking is now that much cooler. thanks!!

  5. i had much better success shopping on the computer than on my phone… and also much better success after i created an account and logged in… hope that helps someone!

  6. Took some time, but my order went through! 4 little gizmos for $4 shipped! Oh, and the coupon code did not work. Thanks!

  7. Coupon code doesn’t work for the $1 items, but I bought the Mac brick cord holder that was already 1/2 price ($4.99 from $9.99), and it take half off that. Thanks, Mir!

  8. I had the same experiences: Not bad on an actual computer, better with an account, code didn’t work on the $1 items but did on the other item that was on sale. Good stuff!

  9. Goodness gracious. Might be here a while. Can’t get anything to add to my cart Fun stuff, though! I shall persevere.

  10. Yes, sign up first and then it went smoothly for me. 6 items for $6 – wooho!

  11. Yes, order is pending. Hope it works. Check out the balance board for $7.50.

  12. So I got all smart and downloaded the app. Had lots of fun loading up my cart! And now…waiting as the app tells me Quirky is having server problems. Do I have the patience to do it all again?

  13. Yup, the secret is creating an account. I spent a frustrating half hour before I did that, then a giggling euphoric half hour of actual shopping during which I made out like a BANDIT on stocking stuffers.

  14. App finally worked and quickly. Balance board went from $15 to $70 in millisecond. Code works on all but $1 items.

  15. Thanks for this! Got some goodies for me for $1 plus some gifts. Awesome!

  16. Well, I missed out on the pizza cutter because I had to do parent things, but I got some great stuff. Thanks, Mir!

  17. Glad I finally got a chance to check this stuff out! Super fun, and great stocking stuffers! Plus, I’d had my eye on that broom groomer for awhile, but didn’t even know where to find it! Thanks, Mir!

  18. Mir,
    Have you received your order yet? Mine says estimated shipping date is December 1st, but it says Not Shipped. I have no notifications from them other than my order confirmation.

    • Same question here–I sent them an email on Friday, and haven’t heard back, either. :-/

    • Same here as well. I assume they got slammed from the sale and items will ship this week. Fingers crossed!

  19. Too funny! I just got a shipping notification! Hopefully all of yours won’t be far behind. And it’s UPS, so it *shouldn’t* take forever (fingers crossed!).

    • I know, right? I just got my shipping notification, too! I figured it was just that they got seriously slammed with that sale, but it would’ve been nice to have a heads-up! 🙂 Anyway. Can’t wait to get it!

  20. Yes, they got slammed. I just received an email that most (?) of my order shipped on 12/14, two weeks after ordering it. The remaining item says “expected ship date 12/1” but we know that didn’t happen. I just tried to call to find out if it all shipped, but their computer system is down and they can’t check status. Frustrating as I really just hope to get it all by Christmas.

    • I know it’s frustrating, but I do think you’ll get it in time.

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