More savings at Lands’ End

By Mir
December 12, 2014

We’re headed into the final pre-Christmas countdown, and online retailers are doing their best to lure you over before time runs out. Like today at Lands’ End—use coupon code WINTER with PIN 1244 for 30% off regular prices, 20% off sale/clearance, and free shipping on any size order. There’s still time to get it before it needs to be under the tree!

Lands’ End remains my go-to for jeans for my string been teenage son, though once he’s finally beyond their sizing (you can get slims up to size 20!) I guess I’d better hope he fits into men’s sizes.


  1. Mir –

    Having recently raised a string bean myself (he’s 18 now, just about 6’1″ and 140 lbs, so still pretty string-beany!) I can tell you places like American Eagle have waist sizes starting at 25 or 26. Normally their jeans are a little pricey (I’m cheap, so $45-$50 is still a bit much for me), but they go on sale several times a year, 40% off, and AE is usually good for several coupons a year too.

  2. Mir, for the love of all things Santa–what are you getting said string bean for Christmas? My own 13 year-old string bean has thought of about 2 things he wants, plus some Magic cards. This is not going far to placate all the grandmas, aunts, etc. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Clothes (not exciting, but needed), books, gift cards for iTunes or Steam, puzzles/games. (These are the things I suggest to family when they ask.) Because my children are nosy I can’t tell you anything he’s getting from us, but basically it’s One Big Gift and then stocking stuff. 🙂

  3. WINTER40 with PIN 1248 is even better. 40% off reg prices, 20% off sale, and free shipping

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