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By Mir
December 16, 2014

We generally acquire at least one new family board game each holiday season, though the truth is that I think we spend more time arguing about which game everyone is willing to play than actually playing anything. (That’s not just us, right? I think the teenagers argue just for the sake of it.)

Anyway! We’re getting down to the wire, but patience has just been rewarded: Today the bonus deal in the Amazon Gold Box is half off a bunch of family and strategy board games. Woo! We already have Munchkin (highly recommend, especially at the lowest-ever current $15 price), but I’ve been eyeing Dixit for a while, so it may be time to bite on that one.

Check ’em out if you need a few more gifts. Sometimes procrastination pays off!


  1. If you don’t have Takenoko, it is a fun game! A friend of ours brought it over and we loved it, fun for all ages. (He and his wife have no kids and ours are 8 and 11)

  2. Just checked something off the list for one of our winter birthdays! Thanks, Mir!

  3. I got Munchkin for our 11 year old’s bday in Feb, the Ticket to Ride expansion for our 9 year old’s bday in March, after a friend’s recommendation I picked up 7 wonders for a random family award and we already have spot it and dominion. Love them both.

  4. There are some really good ones for good prices, i’ll try not to be annoyed I paid $10 more for Formula D (which got a great review from my Brother in law) and focus on a fast/easy/lower cost gift for my brother (who’s super hard to shop for) and a gift for my January birthday, game LOVING son. Love that 7 Wonders can take up to 7 players, that’s beginning to be an issue!!! Dad Munchkin was already out of stock.

  5. Looks like the good ones are gone,
    never heard of the ones that are left 🙁
    I still need a game!

  6. A smart-making brain-development visual-perception game that’s great fun is SET (about $14-15). It’s all about finding same/different patterning. Once one learns the shapes (3), colors (3), numbers (1, 2, 3) and shadings inside the shapes (and it’s a snap), there’s a race to be the first to find a SET. It can go really fast and be very competitive. Since patience/persistence is required to study the 12 upturned cards, I find this card game is good for 8+. See what the game is about at where there’s a daily game to practice on. Enjoy!

  7. Just picked up Munchkin for my almost-12-year-old. How many expansion packs does that game have??

    • Many. SO MANY.

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