I am officially old, I guess…

By Mir
April 27, 2015

… but I look fabulous thanks to my jeans.

Ahem. Yes, longtime readers of the site know that for years I wore nothing but Lucky Brand (I still love my Luckys), but recently I acquired a couple of pairs of NYDJs (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans; what a horrible brand name, I know) at deep discount and fell in love with them. Then I went to buy some more and fainted from the retail price.

But! Today the top bonus Gold Box Deal at Amazon is select NYDJ items starting at just $35! Score! I have mixed feelings about the whole “buy one size smaller than your regular size” thing, because maybe they should just size properly rather than trying to make you feel good with a number, but regardless, aside from the sizing thing and the dumb name, these jeans are amaaaaaazing. They fit, they flatter, they hold up well, and they are definitely not Mom Jeans. I have a pair of skinnies and a funky sort of tie-dyed pattern pair and they’ve become my go-to jeans.

Tl;dr: I love everything about them but the dumb name, the sizing game, and the price. But everything else I love. And because you can go grab ’em cheap today, check them out if you’ve been looking for a new brand of jeans to love.


  1. Rats! Nothing there is on my list. I’m specifically looking for white and olive skinny jeans. I love the high-waist fit that holds everything in but I agree with you about the sizing. I once bought a pair that were 2 sizes smaller and they fit perfectly.

  2. In for 2…nervous about the sizing, though!

    • Go down a size from your regular and you should be fine. 🙂

  3. My first pair ever arrived in the big brown truck yesterday. THANK YOU for the recommendation. I have been searching for jeans for ages and had about given up. (darn weight lifting thighs!) The skinnies I ordered fit great! And now I am searching for better prices on this brand every where. Thank you again for another great recommendation, Mir. You rock!

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