Heads up, DC Comics fans

By Mir
June 5, 2015

Do I know anything useful about comics? No, I do not. Sometimes many words come out of my son’s mouth and the mouths of his friends and I smile and nod and say useful things like, “Wow!” and “I did not know that” and eventually they stop talking to me. And still, I know nothing about various characters or their history or anything useful.

I’m okay with this.

What I do know is that, for some reason, right now Amazon has the DC Comics Encyclopedia and the DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide marked down to their lowest prices ever ($21.30 and $8.37, respectively), and for fans of the DC universe, those might be great bargains to scoop up. And if there was, say, a dad who is into comics who you needed a Father’s Day gift for, well, maybe this will be of interest.

Pro tip: Just don’t tell your DC fan that sure, you love comics a lot, especially Louis C.K. They will not get the joke.


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