It’s got electrolytes, or something

By Mir
October 16, 2015

I’m not a huge sports drink fan, myself, but I know plenty of people are, especially for their kids in athletics. And I’d love to tell you my problem with them is that they’re unhealthy (true) and have a lot of sugar (also true), but mostly it’s that I think they just don’t taste very good. That said, we do keep some around for super-hot outside days or when someone’s recovering from being sick.

Right now, Amazon has this 12-pack case of 12-ounce Orange Powerades available for just $3.60 as an add-on. Assuming you manage to get your order up to free shipping, that’s stupid cheap, because the shipping alone should be astronomical.

Anyway, if you want some, go and get it. That’s Amazon’s lowest price ever on this.

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  1. just noticed the “Idiocracy” reference. niiiiiiiice!

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