Lands’ End + Halloween = durable adorableness

By Mir
October 20, 2015

Full disclosure: One of these Halloween totes showed up in my mailbox, unbidden, and my kids are well beyond trick-or-treating age, anyway. But did I involuntarily squeal when I pulled it from the box? Yes. Yes, I did. I’m not proud.

So check it out: Lands’ End is making Halloween bucket totes the same way they make the rest of their totes—durable, double-stitched canvas, guaranteed forever and capable of carrying a heavy load of library books (go ahead, ask me how I know this)—but in adorable, kid-sized, Halloween-themed versions. And while it’d be cutting it close to get one in time for this Halloween (though you might; they ship pretty fast), they’re marked down to just $9.99 and will literally last forever.

I received the orange pumpkin one. Its face glows in the dark and I love it beyond reason. $9.99 is a steal (seriously, it’s constructed exactly like the giant tote bag I use for library trips). My husband took it to the office to use for candy for his students after my kids argued about which of them would get to have it. I may have to go buy a couple more, is what I’m saying.


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