$11 for 11/11

By Mir
November 11, 2015

Today is 11/11, and in addition to being fun to say, it means that if you spend at least $11 at Schoola today, you’ll get an $11 credit sent to you on December 1st for a future purchase.

If you haven’t tried Schoola yet (if you haven’t, why not??), signing up through my link will get you a $20 credit to spend on your first purchase. (What’s better than free money? Nothing.) Buy gently-used clothing for your kids, or pick up some cool clothes for yourself. Several of my favorite sweaters came from Schoola, and when the tell-tale white mailer arrived, my kids were mad that it was clothes for me instead of them. Right now they’re offering free shipping on every order, too.

Will I spend $11 today to have $11 next month? I believe I will.


  1. I signed up through your link, but I don’t see anything about a $20 credit to use on my first purchase. How do I get that?

    • If you put something in your cart and go to checkout, Nancy, you should see you have a $20 credit.

  2. I believe I will too! And, I did. Thanks, scored two NWT items!!

  3. I tried Schoola earlier this Fall. But I will not be going back. I ordered 4 items for my daughter, all labeled a size kid’s 8. She could only use 2. Although all were labeled as 8, one was a tad too small, and one was hilariously too large. The same thing for the 5 items for me. All items labeled as a women’s 10, but one pair of jeans were too small, and one pair of jeans were just as worn through as the jeans I was trying to replace. And since there are no returns, the only thing I could do was toss or donate the items that I had just paid for. I think I’ll stick to the local thrift stores where I can check the size and wear before I buy. I’m glad it’s worked for you, Mir, and I was happy that they supported my local schools, but I don’t think it works for me.

    • Hmmm, well, I do tend to stick to brands I already know because sizing can be so wildly different from brand to brand. That said, I have (a couple of times) received something which was simply mislabeled. I ordered a men’s shirt that turned out to be a boy’s, and a woman’s blouse that ended up being a petite. In both cases I contacted them and was given a credit for more than my purchase price as compensation.

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