Day 2 Big Prize Week Winners (Yu-Gi-Oh! and Tween Scene Lena)

By Mir
November 24, 2015
Category Contests

I think a lot of you are traveling today, because it was verrrrry quiet around here. No matter! That meant today’s contest had great odds for winning, and that worked in the favor of two lucky readers.

So here we go; the contest has been closed and the winners pulled. First I’ll tell you who won, then I have a funny sidebar for you. The winner of the Lena doll is commenter 14, Kira, and the winner of the DVD sets is commenter 1, Heidi.

[Here’s your funny sidebar: For the first time in, um, ever, I think, I am going to include a screen shot of my plugin showing the winners (with emails blurred out). Why would I do this, you ask? In all the years I’ve been running Want Not, I have been accused exactly once of “rigging contests for people I know” (for no reason other than the person was mad, I think, about not winning), and I always found it particularly hilarious because up until that point, I had never ended up sending a prize to a friend. Also, I think the first commenter has won exactly once in about 10 years. Well, today my cross-country BFF is one of the winners, and the first commenter is the other winner, so I’m going to give you the picture for proof and then maybe go buy a lottery ticket.]

Anyway. Congratulations, Kira and Heidi! Heidi, please check your email so I can coordinate getting your prize out to you! (Kira, I’m pretty sure I know your address….)

Big thanks to all who played, and special thanks to the folks who make these goodies possible—today that’s the fine folks at Flatiron Films (thanks for the DVDs!) and the One World Doll Project and their helper elves at Rubenstein PR (thank you for the awesome doll!).

Didn’t win today? Tomorrow the sun will rise again, and also another giveaway will be here. Tomorrow promises to be fun for the entire family or complete mayhem. It kind of depends on your family. But you’re not going to want to miss it, I promise.


  1. LOL, so you can actually “reject” a winner, now aint that somethin!
    If you could forward the addy of the person who accused you, I surely would like to kick her in the shins! Thanks for all you do pretty lady!

    • What that “reject” button allows me to do is have it pick another winner if I can’t reach the first one and have it still be random (I don’t have to pick one by hand). 😉

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