Keep it down, kids

By Mir
December 8, 2015

Okay, so, my kids are now teenagers and I no longer get to give them lectures about how they’re going to ruin their hearing with headphones turned up too loud, I guess. (I suppose I could still do it, but they’re too busy listening to other stuff, they wouldn’t hear me.) If you have smallish kids who use headphones for iPads and the like, though, you should probably be using volume-limiter headphones, because—and I don’t know if you know this—kids aren’t all that bright when it comes to their own safety. (I know! I was surprised, too.)

The good news is that these Kidrox Volume-Limited Foam Headphones have great reviews and are highly-rated for both comfort and function. The better news is that right now, the red, green, and orange ones are down to just $12.99 (their lowest price ever) at Amazon right now. Note that these are sized for children as young as 3, so if you have a kid with an enormous melon-head they may be too small.

For the average tech-savvy 3-9-year-old, though, these are a parent’s dream come true. Perfect under the tree or in a stocking (especially if you’re a little cruel and want them to think they’re getting a new electronic device, haha).


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