The best gummy bears, period

By Mir
January 28, 2016

If you love gummy bears like my kids love gummy bears, then you know that Haribo is the gold standard. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. I prefer not to think about it too hard (hello, hippie make-my-own-everything-from-scratch, HFCS-is-the-devil mom here who buys candy; I’m a study in contradictions, apparently).

Jump on this one if you love ’em: this 24-pack of 2-ounce Haribo Gold Bears at Amazon is just $7.58 as an Add-On, or as low as $6.44 if you purchase via Subscribe & Save and have made it to 15% off for the month. That’s… ridiculously cheap, really.

Am I stocking up on small packets of my high school senior’s favorite candy now so that I’m ready to go any time I feel the need to send a care package next year? Yeah. I am. Stop looking at me like that.


  1. No longer available as an Add-On and it won’t let me do Subscribe and Save because it’s “out of stock” (even though it doesn’t say that until you click to subscribe). Dang, that one went fast!

  2. It’s now 19.99. You scored when you got it cheap!

  3. Hi I grew up in Germany and the Haribo sold in the US is made with HFCS whereas you get “real sugar” in the German/Euro market gummis. I buy those in the US from in the Dallas area. They have good sales too. Anyhow there is a different (better!) flavor to the German market ones!

    • I read this late but came down to comment that you haven’t had Gummi bears until you have the German ones! My husband just went overseas and brought me back 5 bags. Yum!

  4. They are the gold standard because they were the original. I remember the ROTC members at our highschool, Zweibrucken American High School, used to sell them year round as a fund raiser. I was there from ’75-’81. The ones sold here are but a pale imitation…

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