Laser printer? There’s a Deal of the Day for that!

By Mir
February 9, 2016

Color laser printers are crazy expensive, and if you can afford one, feel free to adopt me. Color inkjet printers are very affordable, but the ink is expensive (and dries up if you don’t use it often enough). But for most of us, most of the time, a black-and-white laser printer is a perfect home solution—one toner cartridge lasts a loooong time, and most document printing is fine in just black and white.

If you agree, and you’re in the market for a printer, get on over to the Best Buy Deal of the Day page right now, because they’ve got a highly-rated Canon laser printer/scanner/copier about halfway down that’ll cost you just $89.99 delivered. (For comparison—and more reviews, if you like—here it is at Amazon for $150.)

This deal will only last one day, so hop on it if you’re interested.


  1. Who-hoo! Thank you ma’am. We’re homeschooling 3 kids, about to add in the 4th and I suspect this will pay for itself in 1 year with the ink we go through with all the things I print off. At least I hope so! AND we had the option to pick it up today or have it delivered. (I picked to have it delivered, that whole schooling kids means days are busy and one less errand is good.)

  2. We’ll get a room ready for you! 😉 A Brother laser color printer/scanner/copier/fax (about $400?) was our big tax return splurge last year. Still haven’t had to replace the ink that came with it!

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