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By Mir
March 29, 2016

Um, you know I love a deal like nothing else, but I’m starting to worry that maybe Children’s Place is on the brink of going out of business. I’m just saying—they’ve been doing 50% off and free shipping so often, I have concerns.

But hey, you may as well take advantage while you can. Use coupon code SPRINGTIME50 for your 50% off, and free shipping is automatic. If you still have kids small enough to wear their clothes, it really doesn’t get any cheaper than this. Also I always loved that they had slims in everything (often hard to find), and husky sizes, too.

My kids lived in these clothes for years. It’s still weird to me how small everything there looks, now. (Then again, it’s weird to me when my son rests his chin on top of my head, but that’s another conversation entirely….)


  1. Just stopping by to comment and say thanks for the heads up on the Vera Bradley Online Clearance sale. I was able to snag a few graduation gifts (crossbody/wristlets) for only $17 each! Now I’m hoping I don’t get more announcements than I’m counting on…

    • Oh yay! I’m so glad. I may have tipped off the grandparents to that sale, too. 😉

  2. I think the key is that they change their prices all the time. $7 and under is my buy price for their jeans, but usually they price them *up* during these sales so the 50% price is more like $12.

  3. I’ve wondered if they may be in trouble financially as well. All of my kiddos (oldest is nearly 16, eek!) have worn CP over the years. In my opinion, like many other brands, their quality has gone downhill over the years. I’ve noticed that Gymboree has been offering more 20% off plus free shipping coupons, and was told by an associate that they are not doing too well either.

  4. I placed an order the last time you posted this deal and just placed another one. How can you resist $4 shorts?!?!?!

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