Occasionally I succumb to junk, it’s true

By Mir
April 5, 2016

So, listen, I’m big on homemade and natural and organic and all of that stuff. I am, truly. But I also grew up on Kraft macaroni and cheese, so it will always occupy a little spot in my heart. Furthermore, I don’t know if you know this, but a lot of teenagers are lazy about making their own food. (I know! What a surprise from the “well all my clothes are on the floor because that’s where I took them off” set, right??) So we always have a few blue boxes in the pantry for teenager food emergencies.

And right now I’m busy accumulating some items for my graduating senior to take with her to college in the fall. It is my hope that she will eat balanced meals from the dining halls with healthy snacks in-between, but it is also my acceptance of reality to know that, well, that’s not always going to happen. So: right now Amazon has this 10-pack of Kraft Easy Mac Triple Cheese Cups for $9.80, which is about the typical price (a little under, actually), but if you buy via Subscribe & Save and have 5+ items, that drops it to $8.33, plus there’s a clippable 25% off coupon, which means your total could be $5.88 delivered. It’s still 1) not real food and 2) a terrible waste of packing material, I know, but for that price, I call it affordable insurance for my dorm-bound picky eater.


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