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By Mir
April 25, 2016
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So the good news is that my daughter’s dorm actually has private bathrooms—no walking down the hall to a cavernous room of stalls and sinks for her. The bad news is that she was astonished when I mentioned that she’d need to work out providing toilet paper among her room- and suite-mates. When I finally stopped laughing, I asked her how she thought the school should best provide that toilet tissue to everyone. Concierge service? Oh! Maybe they could send it in with the maid. (You know my suggestion was that everyone bring a giant package and they’d be set for the year, right? So embarrassing, Mom.)

Anyway! Now I’m stocking up for home as well as for her to take to school in a few months. So I just snagged this 24-roll Quilted Northern Supreme Rolls deal at Amazon: it’s marked at $24.29, then there’s a clippable $5 coupon, plus if you have your 5+ subscriptions for the month, you’ll save another 15%. That made it $15.65 delivered, for me, and the package claims 8 supreme rolls equal 30 regular ones—which is probably a stretch—but even if you only consider them equivalent to double rolls, that’s basically 48 rolls for around $15. Not bad.

It’s not as good as dorm maid service, I guess, but still.


  1. We had 6 girls to a bathroom, not bad. AND a cleaning lady who cleaned and stocked it! At a state college, no less. 🙂

  2. Hmmm. My school actually provided TP but it was the decidedly non-cushy institutional kind. Also that was 20 years ago!

  3. My school had suites with in-suite bathrooms, and we had to clean them ourselves (with a rigid razor-test: if a razor scraped on the walls/floor had ANY residue on it, it wasn’t clean enough)—but there was a supply closet on each floor full of commercial-type toilet paper and commercial-type paper towels and commercial-type cleaning supplies. Probably to avoid the dorm politics of “But YOU use MORE toilet paper”/”But I buy the nice kind and you buy the cheap kind!”/”But MINE is 1000 sheets/roll, so that should count as THREE rolls of your 350 sheets/roll!”/”But MINE is 2-play, so that’s TWICE as….” etc.

    • I feel like giving college students unlimited access to TP is never going to be a good idea….

  4. I bought this at Costco or Sams & didn’t like it so i pawned it off on my kids who also refused to use it. So take a poll before letting your subscription refill.Im sure it works fine for many but my house of girls were very much against it. And yes I thought “REALLY?? IT’S TP PEOPLE!” but they were right.

  5. Well, the private college I went to had a cleaning lady come into our suite every morning to do the bathrooms and restock TP. Still, it wasn’t exactly cushy stuff. So thin you could read a book through four squares of it. Guess they had to save money somewhere to pay for housekeeping. 🙂

    • Sorry, you lost me at “cleaning lady.” Wow!! 😉

  6. Chiming in with others to say that you–or Chickie–might want to check on the TP sitch. My guess is that, just as dorms provide TP for communal bathrooms, they also provide it for private bathrooms. I mean, they couldn’t possibly expect students without vehicles and ready access to Target and its ilk to schlep TP around? But if she wants the good stuff, maybe a regular Subscribe & Save delivery?

  7. When I went to college (back in the stone age) you could go down to the front desk and BEG for TP if you ran out, but that was a last resort because they had the horrible industrial kind that I swear still had wood chips in it!

    Good luck to your daughter at school!

  8. No TP service in my daughter’s very nice apartment-style on-campus dorm last year. They did have a cleaning person who came in twice a month and made sure the kitchen and bathrooms weren’t a health hazard.

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