Packing lunch boxes again

By Mir
August 2, 2016

I’m already seeing a few back-to-school first day pictures cropping up on social media. My kids go back next week. A blissful summer of never once asking “What do you want in your lunch today?” is rapidly drawing to a close.

Maybe it’s just me, but packing lunches annoys me like nothing else. Or maybe I should say maybe it’s just my kids (who—let’s be honest—are pretty much adults at this point), who have very specific ideas about what should be in those lunches, yet they don’t want to pack them themselves, or anything, don’t be silly.

Anyway. We do a lot of healthy food around here, but periodically I succumb to the one snack food that seems to make everyone happy. It’s cheesy, it’s salty, it’s unnaturally colored… that’s right, I’m talking about Cheez-its. Why does my family love them so? I try not to think about it too hard. I do, however, buy them for lunch bag inclusion when the price is right. And looky here—right now at Amazon, there’s a 25% off coupon on various snack options, including Cheez-its and Pringles and some other stuff, so I’ll be able to kick off packed-lunch season with something they won’t complain about, at a decent price. Win/win.


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