It’s time for snacks

By Mir
August 12, 2016

Hello! Sorry for the absence this week. The craziest thing happened—about 18 years ago I gave birth to a tiny human who only recently turned into a full-fledged independent person, and just when that happened, she had the nerve to move away for college. I mean. Anyway, I spent most of this week alternately yelling at her to go pack things and grabbing her face and calling her my precious widdle baby. (This was just me making sure she was ready to leave, you understand.) Yesterday we made the trek and dropped her off, so we now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

Anyway, because I’m an adult, and I deal with my feelings in adult ways, now that I’m home minus one kid I am going to Eat All The Things, so I was delighted to see this deal pop up on Amazon on Kind bars, because 1) I love those, 2) I feel kind of virtuous because they’re less crappy than generic granola bars, and 3) the price is great. The popped salted caramel ones are down to $7.78 for 15, plus cheaper on Subscribe & Save, plus there’s a clippable 20% off coupon.

Did I order them as fast as I could click Buy? Indeed I did. Because I am going to need a lot of snacks to get through the next… ummm… five years or so. Don’t judge.


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