In case you go swimming with your phone

By Mir
August 15, 2016

I am skeptical of any bag which claims to keep your phone dry, on account of the fact that phones are expensive and any failure of said bag is going to prove a very expensive discovery. However, some people swear it can be done, and course sometimes people who don’t spend all their time hermit-ing at home, reading while curled up with dogs (not that that sounds like anyone I know…), go to water parks and such.


Right now Amazon has this 3-pack of iSpecle waterproof phone cases available for $14.99 (not bad), but applying coupon code 9BSEJKO9 brings the price down to just $10.49, which is even better. Reviews are excellent, and if you look at the detail pictures, you’ll see that the mechanism for closing the bags at the top (two turn-latches) does indeed look a lot more secure than many other bags I’ve seen (many of which have a zip-top). Snag ’em now for your next water adventure, or go ahead and buy them and put them away for stocking stuffers and use next summer.


  1. …or in case the marching band is about to go on a trip to an amusement park. 🙂 Thanks, Mir!

  2. Thanks! Not sure if these will make it to Christmas or if we may break them out before then, but good to have!

  3. Just to note, it is ONLY the colors in the link about that the code will work on.

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