Whether you’re doing holidays or basics

By Mir
November 15, 2016

Just a quick FYI, if you haven’t noticed: Through the holidays (one assumes), Target is offering free shipping on every order, regardless of the amount.

That means you can hop on over there and take advantage of the current LEGO sale, and/or you can just stock up on snacks. Whatever. Plus if you spend $50+ on qualifying Home items, you can save an additional $10 with coupon code DECOR. If you are a neurotic forward-planner like me, this is a good time to start buying dorm stuff, because 1) it’s on sale and 2) no one else is shopping for it right now. (Hey, my youngest is leaving for college in 10 months. It’s not weird that I’m shopping for that. Stop looking at me.) You’ll also save an extra $10 off your $50+ food/beverage purchase automatically, or $25+ off your qualifying $100+ luggage/airbed purchase with code TRAVEL.

I’m a little bit petty, too, so sometimes when they go to free shipping like this, I do things like order a single packet of paperclips. Listen, we have to entertain ourselves as best we can.


  1. Pretty Mir, what’s the best option for food storage these days? I’ve used Rubbermaid for 15 years, and it’s time to replace. Is glass really the best option? I feel like it would be too bulky or heavy. I have a family of six, too, with everyone at home so our usage is mostly leftovers. My current collection is approximately 50 pieces.

    • Totally personal preference, of course, but what I’ve done is gone to glass for food storage at home—leftovers and stuff I want to freeze—but keep a stash of plastics for packing lunches. It is heavy/bulky but I worry less about leeching of chemicals and such. I have a variety of glass (Pyrex etc.) and it’s all heavy but I deal with it. Took me many years to switch over, though, because it’s not cheap.

      • That makes sense. If I saw a deal on pyrex, what price range would I expect?

        • Depends on the brand and number/size of pieces in the set. So, for something like Glasslock (example set: here), you’re usually looking at around $2-3/piece, which isn’t bad, but of course it goes up as you go to bigger pieces, and there aren’t a ton of sales. I’d say any time you see it under $2/piece it’s probably a decent deal. I will keep an eye out for you.

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