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By Mir
November 22, 2016
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Is there anything better than digging into your stocking on Christmas morning and finding toothpaste and acne treatments? No…? Are you telling me your mother lacks a sense of humor? Because I really think you are.

Look, I know we’re all in holiday shopping mode, and maybe this seems off-target (pun intended), but today (Tuesday, November 22nd) only, shop at Target and you can take 25% off Beauty and Health items with coupon code—brace yourself—BEAUTY. Whether you put those items in anyone’s stocking is up to you, but I personally am not going to sit out an opportunity to restock my stash when I can take 1/4 off the items my teenagers are always screeching about needing. Of course the fact that everything ships for free right now is a bonus.

There’s stackable deals, too: for example, I see that Secret Clinical Antiperspirant is both eligible for the code and you’ll get a $5 gift card if you buy two. Perfect.

I think my kids are really going to be excited that I got this dental floss on sale. (Hey, a girl can dream….)


  1. This might be my favorite deal you’ve posted. Because deodorant is stupid expensive.

    • Right???

  2. Mir- You are so pretty you want us to be pretty too! Thanks!

  3. Wish I’d seen this sooner so I could suggest using this sale to stock up for shelters! I wait for this sale every year to get all the stuff shelters need for a big discount! Just placed a big order–thanks, Mir!

    • That’s awesome, Erin! Do you have suggestions on specific stuff for shelters? I haven’t ordered yet.

      • They usually just want basic toiletries–toothpaste/brushes, soap, deodorant, shampoo, lotion. A friend is also doing a drive for tampons/pads for homeless shelters in New York, and as you know from your own drives those items are always in demand! Our school collects every year, so his is a great chance to stock up and save.

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