Make it Macy’s (for the savings, but also to win)

By Mir
December 6, 2016

Ho ho ho… it’s time for another round of Friends & Family savings at Macy’s—just use coupon code FRIEND to save up to an additional 30% off your purchase.

Even better, thanks to our friends at, you can also go go enter to win a $100 gift card to make your shopping more merry! (15 winners will be selected and announced next week.)

macys-fiesta-bowlsMe, I’ve been trying to figure out forever how I can justify switching our dishes over to Fiestaware. (It’s so expensive. But so pretty.) The answer is, I really can’t. It’s a luxury we absolutely do not need. But… um… I broke a bunch of bowls over the last few years (not on purpose; they’re slippery when I’m unloading the dishwasher) and I probably could justify buying a few of these replacement bowls, right? I mean, with the coupon they’re $6 apiece, which is still a lot for a bowl, I guess, but did I mention what pretty bowls they are? (Hey, the nice thing about Fiesta is that it’s been around for forever and it’s nearby indestructible. So maybe I buy a few bowls now, a few more at the next sale, and so on and so forth until I complete my collection when my grandchildren graduate from college or whatever.)

Shipping is free on your $100+ order, or you can order online and pick up at your local store (which will also get you a savings pass to use for your next shopping trip, too).

And if you win one of those gift cards you have to promise to buy me a bowl. (Not really.) (But I wouldn’t turn it down.)


  1. I bought one place setting of Feistaware dishes for a few years, one at a time in various colors, of course. One set at Kohl’s…. one set at Macy’s 6 months later. Now I have a 12 piece place setting and I’m working on my serveware. My logic – if I buy something for someone else at Kohl’s that earns Kohl’s cash, then that Kohl’s cash goes towards a serving piece. And on and on. 43 years old, and I’m almost there :). Happy as hell every time I set my table.

    • See, that’s totally what I needed to hear. 😀

      • It’s a system, and it works!

  2. Mir: I once had an employer that handed out Macy’s gift certificates for bonuses. I used those to buy Fiesta Ware one place setting at a time. When I had enough place settings, then I bought platters, serving bowls and glassware. I’ve also found pieces (new and old) at thrift stores and garage sales. Happy collecting!

  3. Fiestaware has made my life so much better. I used to have trouble sleeping at night, but now that I go to bed on a full belly eaten off Fiestaware and know in a few hours I will wake to dine on Shredded Mini Wheats in a Fiestaware bowl, I sleep like a baby!
    My kids used to refuse brussel sprouts & liver & onions but now? They eat it as fast as possible just to get to the bottom of the beautiful Fiestaware so the can see the beauty!
    So yes, make your life better with Fiestaware today! 🙂

    I really, truly, LOVE this stuff!!! And garage sales/thrift stores etc are GREAT places to find pieces cheap! I never spend $ on myself but I would on this although everyone knows JUST BUY HER FIESTA for gifts 🙂

  4. Don’t your kids need your old stuff to fill their college apartments or something? And yes, the glory is that you can get it bits at a time…and used is still generally just as good…good luck!

    **buys more salad plates***

  5. Is Fiestaware heavy – heavier than other stoneware? We have a stoneware set of another brand (discontinued) that is chipping like crazy, and I was thinking Fiesta might be a good replacement.

      • Oh, those are pretty! I don’t know how the weight compares to what you have… I’d say it feels about the same as Pfaltzgraff stoneware?… but supposedly it’s a lot more chip-resistant.

        • Thanks! More chip-resistant is definitely what we need.

          • Thanks so much, Mir – we’re now getting some cereal bowls and pasta bowls for our Hanukkah gift from my mom, to replace our chipped ones.

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