Here’s a second chance to Crock your lunch

By Mir
August 3, 2017
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Alright, who remembers back a few months ago when I posted this great deal on personal Crock-Pot lunch warmers and—for whatever reason; blame it on the fickle Deal Gods—it only worked for some of you? I don’t know what that was about, but several of you expressed disappointment over not being able to snag the deal.

Well, take heart! The deal is back and glitch-free (I think)! Simply visit the online Crock-Pot store and the splash banner there is featuring this deal again—3 lunch-sized warmers for just $10 each when you buy three. Add ’em to your cart to see the savings, and enjoy free shipping, too. Note that you can mix/match colors, but because of the popularity of this deal, some colors are sold out.

That’s half off the regular price, plus a super convenient way to have a hot lunch when you have an outlet handy but not a microwave. (I think these would be awesome teacher gifts, by the way, if you don’t need all three for your own family.)


  1. Yay!! Our Two-teacher family is happy!!

  2. Quick question about Amazon Prime if you have a second, Mir – I supposedly earned $5 on my Amazon account to use in their “pantry” however, when I browse the amazon pantry to try to select an item to use that $5 on it says that I must fill a pantry box to get free shipping and then each item only takes up .8% of the box! All I want is a free $5 item! Is that possible?! Or do I need to fill an entire box spending a boatload of money to get free shipping and $5 off? TIA.

    • Okay, I’m puzzled about this. I’ve gotten those $5 Pantry credits before and just used them to offset shipping (it’s $5.99/box regardless of amount, so I’ll often use it to send a box of goodies to the dorm, for example). As far as I know you don’t have to have a full box to use them. My last one was only 60-ish% full.

      Is it possible you’re looking at items where if you buy 4, you get free shipping, and it’s admonishing you about that? I don’t see a way to “just get a free item” here unless you find a very cheap product in the “buy 4 of these for free shipping” category.

      As for sizes… well… laundry detergent and toilet paper are always good bets to fill a box fast. 😉

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