Pressure cooking? Isn’t it all pressure cooking?

By Mir
September 21, 2017

I love the moniker “pressure cooking,” because as far as I’m concerned, trying to feed your family is always pressure cooking, or maybe that’s just my family. Ahem.

Anyway, I know that Instant Pots are all the rage right now, though I have yet to succumb, myself. (I’m still over here with my 5 slow cookers, yo. I like the house to smell like dinner all day.) And there are periodic deals on ’em, sure, but if you’re looking only at the Instant Pot brand, you’re likely missing some deals.

Today, for example, Best Buy has this 6-quart Insignia pressure cooker marked down to $39.99 shipped. Why? I have no idea. When I went to price-compare it over at Amazon I found it listed at nearly $200 from a 3rd-party, which is nuts, but it makes me suspect it’s a slightly older model that’s been or is being discontinued. Regardless, the reviews are excellent, and the next closest model available in the Instant Pot line costs twice as much, so if I wanted one of these, I’d probably jump on this deal.


  1. I haven’t succumbed either. But I’ll try one.

  2. Thank you. Had a bit of $ in paypal to use-and had an old instapot I blew the fuse on (forgot how to use after an extended time of no use-refused to read directions and blew a fuse) and want to get back in to using!! Thank youuuuu, for your years of finding us the best of the best deals!! ❤️

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