Happy anniversary, Kindle!

By Mir
October 23, 2017
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Can you believe it’s been 10 years since the Kindle was first introduced? Way to make me feel old, Amazon! Thanks!!

But I forgive them, because to celebrate, right now Amazon is offering tons of Kindle discounts, from books to devices to accessories.

I used a Kindle for years before switching over to reading books on my iPad Mini, but I still snag the Kindle book deals (and use the app) all the time. And am I going to pass up a chance to get cheap books? Don’t be silly.


  1. Do you still have info on what a Kindle cost during black friday/cyber monday last year? My oldest is going to get a Kindle for Xmas and I’m wondering if I should get it today with these prices or wait. Also I see that a refurbished one is $40 vs $50 for brand new. Any opinions on that?

    • I can’t remember exactly what they ran last year, but we’ll definitely see some specials for Black Friday/Cyber Monday as well… the question about waiting or not comes down to your level of risk aversion. Deeper deals will likely be on the latest/greatest models, but if you’re looking at a $50 one I would think today’s deals probably won’t get much better, but they might.

      As for refurbs, I am a big fan. A certified refurb comes with the same warranty as a brand-new item and it’s usually indistinguishable in my experience. It’s a great way to save money!

      • Thanks! I opted to get the refurb today. I can’t imagine they’d sell for too much less than $40, and this way I can get him some of the $1.99 books they have as part of the 10th anniversary deals and pre-load them so I don’t forget to transfer them later!

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