This is not the Advent calendar you’re looking for

By Mir
November 6, 2017

Actually, it probably is the Advent calendar you’re looking for, and it’s a few bucks cheaper than Amazon, even, and right now it has free shipping. So! If you’re housing a smallish Star Wars fan (or if you’re one yourself; I don’t judge), hurry up and head to Toys ‘R’ Us, where you can grab this year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar for $32 shipped, right now. (Limit 2 per customer.) Edited to add: The TRU offering is now in-store pickup only (the bad news) but Amazon lowered their price to match, so now you can get it for $32 at Amazon, instead (the good news)!

If you bought some last week from Amazon when I posted and they were in stock but $35, I apologize. Generally these sell out so quickly or end up marked up in the hands of resellers that I just post as soon as I see them.


  1. I think I can forgive you the $3 difference. If it were $2, though, I’d be full of “Better Off Dead” quotes (than none of the youngsters I work with get). I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS!

    My kids still don’t know they have these coming. Can’t wait to surprise them!

  2. I’m getting a message saying that it’s only for in-store pickup, not delivery. And Amazon has it for the same price today… on Prime.

    • Ugh, it was available to ship earlier. And Amazon just changed the price! Will update the post.

  3. It’s strange, isn’t it? Last year I waited for even a first sale—and I missed the calendar entirely! It was only available from third-party, for ridiculous prices. This year I’ve seen two sales and there are still some available! I wonder if Lego made a lot more of them this year.

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