They should call it the scruff-tamer

By Mir
November 13, 2017

Okay, so, here’s an example of a time I’m really glad my son doesn’t bother to look at my website.

I’ve been shopping for months, doing research and looking at different models, because my son is… ahhhh… not so much about shaving. And that’s fine—you do you, kid!—but he does periodically ask for some assistance in cleaning up a little. I think there’s a fine line between “millennial with a charmingly offhand goatee” and “possibly homeless teen,” so I’m all for keeping things tidy as easily as possible.

In addition, he already owns an electric razor, which was ditched after about a year when he discovered that he really doesn’t like shaving. And now he has no idea where it is. Which doesn’t drive me insane at all. (Ahem.)

So! I’ve had a few different models of beard trimmers in my Amazon cart for a few months. Remington has led the pack, for the most part. On the one hand, this Platinum Beard Boss is the highest-rated of the trimmers in contention, and there was even a coupon running on it for a while, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much in case the new trimmer ends up joining the old razor in oblivion. On the other hand, this Crafter Beard Boss, although smaller and less fancy, has overall good reviews and just dropped to its lowest price ever of $21. I can live with that, and given that things haven’t gone full-on Lumberjack (at least yet?), I think it’ll be sufficient. One more Christmas gift down.

Will he ever use it away at college if I’m not around to nag him? Probably not. Let’s not think about it.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Mir!

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