Conservatives, cover your eyes

By Mir
November 22, 2017

You know how Facebook often serves you ads for things and you think “Why on earth has it decided I would like this?” Or maybe that’s just me. My point is: often the things that pop up on my screen hold no interest for me whatsoever.

But! Today I got an ad for sparkly pens that say SMASH THE PATRIARCHY on them. And this made me laugh. And so I found myself clicking through to Wildfang, and I realize this site is not for everyone, but it is absolutely full of fun feminist gifts and edgy clothing. Too bad I’m done shopping for my daughter, because she would probably like one of everything, there. Anyway, if your people are irreverent and passionate about women’s rights, this is your next stop for stocking stuffers. Trust me.

Their Black Friday Sale is already underway—25% off everything—and shipping is a flat $5 or free on $50+. If you’re feeling spendy, the clothes are also amazing (though still a little out of my price range). I may just have to settle for some pens and a “Wild Feminist” pennant, though.


  1. What a discovery!! I just knocked off 6 gifts in 10 minutes. The sale prices are great and some of the items even include a 10% donation to the ACLU. THANK YOU, pretty pretty Mir!!


  2. I’m putting the travel mug that says, “Drink your coffee, the patriarchy isn’t going to smash itself” on my wish list. Excuse me while I finish my coffee…

  3. Nice site, thanks Mir!

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