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By Mir
November 27, 2017
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I cannot possibly catalog all of the deal goodness happening today in the Amazon Gold Box, so I’m not even going to try. I do like how for Black Friday they had only 2 out of 3 sizes of the Instant Pot on special, and today they went ahead and put the 6-quart Plus model on special, instead. Sneaky! But you know the drill: check out the Daily Deals, yes, but it’s the Lightning Deals where a lot of the magic will be happening.

Meanwhile, I’m still a little bitter that Woot isn’t Wooting Off in all categories, but that’s okay, because they’ve got rotating deals in the Holiday.Woot section, as well as rotating deals over in Wine.Woot and a coupon for additional savings on most stuff available at Shirt.Woot.

These are the two sites I’ll be watching all day, but I’m not telling you what to do.


  1. Are you an instant pot fan? I keep debating because I am not a huge crock pot person but the instant pot seems more practical?

    • So, I personally am not—I stick to my crock pots, still. But I work from home and am more organized to get stuff done in the mornings, anyway. The people I know who have Instant Pots seem to love them, and if you’re usually trying to figure out getting dinner on the table in very short order, I can totally see the allure.

      • Good to know! So many kitchen gadgets, so little time!

    • I’m not big on crock pots either because I leave the house early and don’t get home until late and then stuff is just mush (6 hours on low doesn’t translate well to 12 hours on low).

      I LOVE my instant pot. I use it for lots of things – but it gets used most for rice, steamed veggies (which I often add to stir fry – steam the veggies in the instant pot and then dump in to the cooked meat with the sauce – perfectly done every time), hard boiled (steamed?) eggs, and spaghetti squash. Because it’s so predictable and easy to set, it works great for all of these. But I’ve made so many other awesome things in it – it’s great for soup (just saute the stuff that needs to be sauted right there in the pot and then add the other ingredients (frozen chicken breasts? SURE!) and set it for 20 minutes and voila! It really is a great time saver for me. I could see how it might be a non-starter if I could truly use a crock pot to its best advantage.

      So there was my 2 cents that you did not ask for.

  2. It’s hard to get work done, so many deals – so little time.

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