Why yes, I do have more book suggestions!

By Mir
November 28, 2018

When my kids were little, we often did the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” approach to the holidays, which I loved. (Especially now that it’s more like “no Christmas presents for you because I just furnished your apartment over the summer… except you still need new boots and I found this other cute stuff too… dangit!”) Then, of course, I always cheated and made the “something to read” gift a whole stack of books, because: Books! You can never have too many books, right? Right!

Today at Amazon they’ve got the ridiculously well-rated and gorgeous Maps marked down to just $21 (40% off!) and then you can apply coupon code NOVBOOK18 to take another $5 off, making it $16 shipped. This is the perfect gift for those in the 7-11 age range, or really anyone who loves geography.

If that isn’t quite right, they’ve also got The 50 States marked down to $20.40 (not quite as good savings as Maps but still good, especially with the book coupon).

And if neither of those are quite enough, well, there’s The Atlas of Adventures or The Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures for $20.40 (both are coupon eligible, too, for another $5 off).

‘Tis the season to get your kids learning while they think they’re just having fun, folks.


  1. A warning on the 50 States book – it’s really great, but the font on many of the pages is very script-y – almost like cursive. My young reader is frustrated because it’s hard for him to follow along.

    • Ack! I didn’t realize that—thanks for the heads up.

  2. We have the Maps book – it was a gift – and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

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