The Warehouse just got better

By Mir
January 17, 2019
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Don’t mind buying repackaged/refurbished/dented to save some money? Same! So I’m always down to check out the Amazon Warehouse Deals, regardless, but today their normally pretty great deals just got even more awesome. Check out the assortment of “extra 20% off” items and prepare to snag an amazing deal.

Fun fact: My vacuum cleaner—an industrial Kirby, weighing roughly 500 pounds, and purchased around 20 years ago—finally broke a few weeks ago. I mean, it had a good long life. And my husband swears it can probably be fixed. But… it’s been in the garage in pieces ever since. Did I go research top-rated vacuums when I found this deal and end up buying an open-box SharkNinja TruePet for over $100 off? I sure did. Why? Because I’m deal-savvy, and because I’m tired of trying to keep my house clean with the little stick vac we keep in the kitchen.

But you do you and get what you need. Chances are there’s a bargain you won’t be able to pass up.


  1. You will love, love, love this vacuum cleaner. I wore one out recently (same model), lots of pets & shedding here, and replaced it with the same model because it is such a workhorse and Does. The. Job.

    • Oh good! So glad to hear a personal testimonial. It came up as just behind or tied with the Dyson on lots of review sites. I’m apparently excited-about-my-new-vacuum years old.

    • I completely agree! We purchased one (after doing a lot of research, too) about a year ago, and it is simply an amazing vacuum. I liked my old vacuum that died last year, but I absolutely love this one.

  2. Seconded! We just got this about a month ago on a screaming deal when my husband finally admitted that our old Dyson wasn’t functioning as well as it used to. I have no idea why – it’s not like it was being held together by a combination of knock off replacement parts, yogurt container patches, super glue and duct tape or anything. 😉 The latest Dyson options and reviews just weren’t what we wanted them to be (we even borrowed a friend’s Dyson ball pet model to test drive) and many hours of research led us to this sexy beast. He has been INCREDIBLE. We should’ve given our Franken-Dyson the boots ages ago. Enjoy!

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